Are you Christopher Columbus?

Yesterday I was talking with a colleague who said that I’m just like Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus left the world he knew. Left everything he knew with all the security he knew from the country where he was born. He got on a ship with people he may or may not have known before their voyage.

The voyage wasn’t easy. People got sick. People died. He probably felt like he was failing during the journey.

Because he continued his journey….

He discovered a new world with new people living in ways he had never even considered. He went to a new place and found new people. He lived in their world and learned from them.

I left home years ago. I have traveled to countries where my family has never visited. I’ve known people and experienced different cultures that seem to be beyond my family’s understanding.

As much as I love my family, I live in a “different world” than they do. My choices seem foreign to them. They don’t really understand why I do what I do or why I live the way I’ve chosen.

Are you Christopher Columbus? Have you left home on a ship that your family says is doomed to go over the edge because the world is flat?

Take heart and remember that the world is your adventure! Christopher Columbus stumbled onto his new world. If you’re stumbling, keep going…..

Your next adventure is on the horizon.

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