Trio of Powerful Women!

Just thought I’d post a picture taken at the Good Morning America event I attended at the Heard Museum.

Tory Johnson’s touring the country with Good Morning America to “celebrate women who have found flexibility, balance and satisfaction in their work and home lives — and encouraging other women to do the same”. While in Phoenix, Tory interviewed Carnegie Mellon economist Linda Babcock on wage issues in the workplace. Tory is in the center of our picture. Her website is Women for Hire – check it out!

Allison Bell is the Inspirational Diva. She speaks with teens on the importance of embracing today. For more information, feel free to check out her website.


Update: Someone who is very observant asked about my wrist. It was a slight sprain, and it’s healed now.

3 thoughts on “Trio of Powerful Women!

  1. Hello- I found your blog through a comment you left on another blog. I am single professional who recently adopted a little boy from Guatemala.
    I need a few career tips. I currently am a Nursing home Administrator in NJ with a MBA however, I feel I have so much more to offer but I am not sure where to go. What do you think?

    Greta Jo

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