Following my “go with the flow” plan

Funny how sometimes you just don’t really enjoy a vacation as planned….

When I completed my client project in June, I planned to take July off. No work, no worries, no conference calls. Just time with family and friends. A trip to Guatemala. Some goofing off time. Time just to be.

Today I spent several hours talking with the individuals who created Seeds of Help foundation. This foundation is helping many people in Guatemala through education and development programs. They are planning a group trip in October 2007. If you might be interested in going to Guatemala in October, here’s a link to the contact form.

We talked about designing the organization as if it was 1, 3, 5, and 10 years from today. We discussed development efforts. In short, it was an exhilarating exercise for my brain. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with them and brainstorming on what the foundation could become!

I guess I didn’t realize until today that I was feeling
a little bored and restless this week.

I met Walter Able and his family through a friend/business colleague in Columbus, IN. Actually, it was my friend’s father who introduced us. He took two Spanish classes with Walter’s parents. LOL

If you have a few minutes, please visit the website for Seeds of Help. It’s a great organization, and I’m looking forward to being involved with their activities!

I’m still going with the flow, and I’m glad it flowed towards this opportunity.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll revert back to relaxing….

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