Adding Value Wherever I Go

During my cross-country trip I learned a valuable lesson for my business. I am in the enviable position of being able to work wherever I am. Somehow I have always thought that was possible, but only if I had my laptop with me.

For example, in Indiana I met some great people who have a charitable foundation to assist people in Guatemala. We talked about some ideas to improve development. No need for a laptop for that.

After leaving Indiana, I arrived in St. Louis with the original intention to stay just long enough to pick up my laptop & drive west. Needless to say, I ended up staying for the weekend.

A friend from my Ernst & Young consulting days now has a specialty apparel manufacturing business. We worked on identifying and documenting her business processes. Although I needed a computer to document the processes, the true value she received was in our discussions.

My questions provided a way for her to gain clarity on what she truly wanted to accomplish with her business. She now has a way to create consistency in how her products are created. She can also begin identifying metrics for measuring business and employee success.

From an external perspective, I stayed an additional two days in St. Louis. From an internal perspective, I gained priceless information about how I do what I do best.

I love working with decision makers to set a direction for their business and create results! It’s a great combination of imagining more for them and helping them rise.

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