“Where do you see yourself one year from today?”

This weekend I read a light hearted book about two bachelors searching for the secret to a great marriage. These two 20-something guys decided to hop in an RV and travel across America interviewing couples who have been married a minimum of 40 years.

Actually, they created a documentary film and a book. Visit Project Everlasting for more information than I can do justice here.

I’m mentioning the book because of a story in one of the last chapters. Mat (one of the guys) is at dinner with his mom and grandmother. His mom starts the dinner conversation by asking the question

Where do you see yourself one year from today?

A year ago I said I’d spent my last summer in Phoenix. This week I’m wrapping up work with my current clients and leaving for an extended period of time. Next week I’ll be in Guatemala. As of this weekend, I think I’m staying longer than a week.

It just feels like the right thing to do at the right time. I’m looking into some Spanish language immersion programs. It’s one-on-one instruction so I can tailor my educational experience to focus on business topics like customer service, employee communication, etc.

Where will I be in June 2008?

Oh, that’s easy… I’ll be in England. I’m going to the Wimbledon tennis tournament next year.

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