Afflicted with March Madness?

When I worked in corporate America, I told people that no one should be forced to work on the first two days of the NCAA tournament. Now I choose to schedule my client commitments around the games I want to watch.

March Madness is a curious disease, and the only cure is watching basketball until you’re dizzy OR seeing a new champion crowned during Final Four weekend. It’s truly an American phenomenon as the entire country seems to revolve around young people playing college basketball. I’m more inclined to watch the men’s tournament.

I bleed University of Kentucky blue and Purdue University black and gold! This year both teams made the tournament and play tomorrow.

This year I’m actually more thrilled about Purdue because they didn’t play consistently during the season. I truly thought I was looking at another year of disappointment. During the Selection Show on TV, I was dancing in my living room when the bracket appeared on screen.

It doesn’t matter if they win or lose…. They kept putting forth effort and made the tournament!

Kind of like being a small business owner….

What matters is to keep putting forth an effort
because people will notice!

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