Success in Lifelong Friendship

Last night I talked with one of my favorite people on the planet. We have been friends since before we could drive, and we no longer talk about how many years ago that was! LOL

Although it’s rare that we see each other, I treasure our phone conversations. Somehow it always feels like we talked a few days ago instead of many months ago.

John knows who I am. He knows some secrets that I prefer not to share with the world. I know how he feels about his family and his career. Sometimes I see what he’ll do before he does it.

When I’m evaluating a major life decision, I like knowing his opinion. So far, he’s been right about every suggestion he’s given me.

There is power, security and comfort in a relationship like that.

We are successes in life and in business. Yes, there have been a few heartaches because we’re human. We learned our lessons, and we created greater success as a result of those lessons.

We succeeded more than we failed because we listened to the advice shared from the heart of a friend.

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