Retreat to Red Rocks

This weekend I am traveling to Sedona to visit one of my favorite retreat houses. My trip is long overdue because my insides have been crying for attention for several weeks.

After the flurry of family visits during the holidays and the hectic start to the new year, I know I need some time to reflect. I have a lot on my mind, and it’s time for me to sort through my options. I am evaluating my clients, my services, my personal desires, and my future family.

My intention in going to Sedona is to bask in the inspiration from Sedona’s nature. Just driving into Sedona and seeing the red rocks helps to soothe my soul. It’s time for me to reconnect my heart and my mind as I continue creating my life.

As someone who tells people every day that they can pursue their passions, it’s important to me to walk my talk. Change is coming in my life. I’m looking forward to my decisions about what changes are best for me.

Always Imagine More!

That’s what I will do this weekend in Sedona. When did you last imagine what your life or your business could be? Is that description still what you want or have your desires changed?

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