Plan Your Play Today!

This week I have been distracted because my uncle suffered a heart attack. He’s actually my dad’s uncle and is a dozen years older than my parents. When we were kids, we knew that if something happened to Mom & Dad, my aunt & uncle would be our guardians.

My dad’s family are die-hard University of Kentucky basketball fans! My grandma is 88 and still watches every game – actually, she has some difficulty remembering game times now so I call to remind her that the game is on. My uncle had season tickets to Rupp Arena and offered many times to take me to see my beloved Wildcats in action!

I always said, “you know, we’ll have to plan something next season because (insert reason that seems ridiculous in hindsight)

My uncle is being transferred to a nursing home because he’s too weak to survive surgery. He only has 10% of his heart functioning. The doctors have said he might stabilize and continue to live, but he will be in an extremely weak condition.

Needless to say, he’s not going to be able to take me to Rupp Arena now. I know he would have been proud. I know I would have been thrilled to be there – wouldn’t matter to me if the team won or lost.

I wish I had planned something when we talked about it… even if it was July and months before basketball season begins.

You Only Have Today

Plan your FUN now! It’s time to create a future memory, and your clock is ticking…..

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