If he can do it, so can you!

While visiting azcentral.com tonight, I looked at the Photos of the Day. The Associated Press had this photo and a short caption describing a unique business.

Jeff Clapp has created a business of transforming banged-up aluminum containers into “gleaming bells, bowls, and ornaments.” The containers are from climbers on Mt. Everest, and his website states, “The Sherpas of Nepal waste nothing. At Bells From Everest, neither do we!”

What an amazing concept!

If you visit his website, you’ll see that he describes himself as “just an ordinary guy who had a life-changing experience while watching a TV documentary three years ago.”

He says he’s excited to get up in the morning. It’s because he’s making a difference in this world. He’s reducing waste, creating beauty, and adding to Sherpa income in Nepal.

If he can create art from scrap and be paid for it, what can you do today that you aren’t doing?

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