Honoring Naia

Last month I celebrated my birthday by swimming with the dolphins in Kona, Hawaii. When I arrived in Hawaii, I learned the Hawaiian word for dolphins is Naia. It sounds like a magical word to me!

Each morning I call to Naia to visit me. Each morning I have breakfast on the lanai of the oceanfront home near Kealakekua Bay. When I see Naia in the bay each day, I feel blessed.

The day I swim with Naia is one I will remember forever. Being in the ocean with these magnificient creatures gave me a peace and sense of community that remains with me now. Living in the Southwest desert is too far from the ocean waves!

When you’re in the ocean with Naia, you feel an amazing sense of community. Sets of dolphins & babies swim with other Naia below and beside the moms & babies. You feel surrounded by love, peace, and harmony as the dolphins are beside you, below you, ahead of you, behind you. Hearing the sounds they make to communicate brought me closer to nature than I’ve felt in a long time.

Feeling supported and loved is a natural communication when you’re in a relationship. That is how I felt when I was in the water with Naia.

Honoring the bond I felt with them and the ocean is the reason I have chosen to adopt Naia as my last name ~ it is a way for me to remain in touch with the freedom and spirit I felt being in the ocean on that day.

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