Seth knows what I’m talking about

One of my favorite business people on this planet is Seth Godin. A few years ago he visited Phoenix when I had very little discretionary income. I chose to spend $99 to see him in person at this event. It was well worth the money because I got what he was saying and agreed whole-heartedly with his message about how to be remarkable.

On the off chance that you aren’t familiar with Seth… here are some of the fabulous books he’s given to the world:

Unleashing the Ideavirus
Permission Marketing (I love listening to this one on audio!)
Free Prize Inside (he sent this one inside a cereal box)
Purple Cow (ever seen a purple cow? how remarkable would that be?!)
Small Is The New Big (newest one & on my desk)

So, imagine how thrilled I was to see today’s post on his blog! He applied the lesson in terms of customers and buying decisions.

Here’s my third takeaway for him:

Next time stop and chat with your friend. Five minutes with an old friend is worth being late. Your paths crossed for a reason, and that might be your last five minutes with him.

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