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This month I have been participating in the Ladies Who Launch intensive incubator. The four-week program is designed for you and 9 women to work on a project you bring to the incubator. The result is a push towards your future.

Here’s the vision I created for my business as a result of this month’s activities….

Entrepreneur magazine has just published its profile of ultra-successful Lucinda Naia with Catalyst for Success. She continues to expand her vision on how to make a difference for individuals and businesses throughout the world. Catalyst for Success remains dedicated to solving business process issues, maximizing client loyalty, and improving employee relationships. The company has grown to incorporate three divisions: SOAR Consulting, HeartSparks, and BizSparks.

SOAR Consulting provides consulting services to solve business process issues, create dynamic work environments for employees, and maximize client loyalty. Consulting services include business assessments, in-person and tele-conference seminars, and motivational speaking. HeartSparks offers inspirational and motivational products for individuals. Current designs include Beachy, Set sail, heartfull, baby blessed, family moon, and hope blooms. BizSparks offers business-related products including CD’s, DVD’s, and self-study training. There are natural cross-over activities between the three divisions, and that was the focus of the Entrepreneur profile.

This summer Catalyst for Success announces the opening of its ceramic production facility in Guatemala. Valley adventurer Lucinda Naia established the facility with two goals in mind. She wanted to provide employment opportunities for women in Guatemala and create extraordinary inspirational/motivational coffee mugs. “What better way to create a natural extension of the delicious Guatemalan coffee sold in boutique plantations throughout Guatemala,” Lucinda explained.

“After succeeding in corporate America, I was yearning to find ways to live with more passion and still succeed financially,” Lucinda explained. Income generated from SOAR Consulting created an opportunity for investment in a new industry within a developing country. Creating unique coffee mugs that also contribute to financial independence for Guatemalan women is a natural evolution of the SOAR principles under which Catalyst for Success operates:

  • Success is All About Relationships
  • Only Have Today
  • Always Imagine More
  • Ready to Rise

Lucinda went on to explain the genesis of the unique products she creates. “While working in a challenging environment, I met some girlfriends to paint pottery. One friend Mary suggested I put something inside the coffee mug, and that suggestion sparked everything.”

Lucinda created the Beachy mug to remind herself to be beachy with a light-hearted, happy go lucky attitude instead of bitchy with a “why me?” victim attitude at work. At first, she didn’t realize the potential of what she had created. “Several people commented on the mug and how great it looked, but I didn’t really think much beyond my joy with the individual mug,” Lucinda said.

While participating in a Ladies Who Launch incubator, Lucinda realized she had a rare opportunity. She could continue to live as she had been living OR she could pursue her passion as a vibrant, creative, heart-centered adventurer. She chose to live in keeping with the SOAR principles!

Today Lucinda splits her time between Arizona and Guatemala. Her children are global citizens of the world, and they look forward to the time they spend in both countries. Lucinda is happily involved with a guy who loves her and celebrates her success.

In the last two years, HeartSparks created a distinctive niche for Guatemalan souvenirs, inspirational mugs, and a patented innovation. Orders for her exceptional mugs are increasing, and she’s close to signing a license agreement with a major manufacturer for her patented coffee mug innovation.

“The United States is the largest consumer of coffee in the world, and consumes one-fifth of the world’s coffee. I’m just glad I found a unique way to tap into that consumption and contribute to an improved life for families in Guatemala. Everyone benefits, and I feel blessed.”

“Although my Spanish still needs some more practice, I’m thrilled to escape the heat in Phoenix for the lush natural beauty in Guatemala. Enjoying a more relaxed life in Guatemala allows me to create more opportunities when I return to Phoenix. It truly is the best of both worlds!”

If you’re interested in more information about the Phoenix/Scottsdale incubator, you can see the calendar of events by clicking here. You can also click on the Meetup badge next to this post….

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