It’s not about the money…. it’s about respect

I feel sorry for Brett Favre! He made a decision that he regretted, and now he’s surrounded by controversy & numerous opinions about the “right” thing to do.

Seems to me that all he’s ever wanted to do is play football… and now he’s being offered a lot of money NOT to play football.

Unfortunately, businesses treat their employees like Ted Thompson & Green Bay’s management team are treating Brett Favre. Somehow management seems to think if they throw enough money at him, he’ll no longer be a problem.

Green Bay’s management team has a bigger problem than just Brett Favre. They have a mindset that is detrimental to the team spirit needed to win Super Bowls.

The money isn’t what matters. What matters is respecting your employees and creating a work environment in which those employees can do their best.

Personally, I hope Brett Favre gets traded to a team that respects who he is – a man who loves to play football. I hope Green Bay’s general manager and coach are replaced by people who understand that success is all about relationships (and not money).

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