What are Your Insides Saying?

This morning I read Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Caffeine Issue 334 and he answered someone’s question about motivation by saying

“People who can’t stay motivated have to look at where their lack of motivation comes from. If you love your job, and you love your product, and you love your company, and even love your boss, then motivation would be a given. So obviously one of these elements is missing. Motivation comes from within. Other people cannot provide it for you. To find yours, start looking at your circumstances. Start looking at your real world. It may be time to change a few things in order to keep your internal fire lit.”

I added the bold type to the statement “Motivation comes from within” for a purpose.

The vast majority of people would agree with everything Gitomer just wrote and start evaluating what’s wrong with themselves. They would probably look at it as “gee, he’s right. Something’s wrong with me so I’ve got to fix it.”

I’d like to take a step beyond Gitomer’s words to talk about the impact that his statement “Motivation comes from within” COULD have on your business, your relationships, and your life.

Motivation does come from within, and it comes from outside you as well. Anyone who has wondered how they are going to pay the month’s bills can tell you quite easily that sometimes you can be motivated by external forces or pressures.

If you aren’t motivated, you don’t have to look at your circumstances. You don’t have to figure out what to do to keep doing what you’re doing.

You just have to look at what DOES motivate you….

Your “internal fire” (as Gitomer describes it) is STILL LIT when you aren’t thrilled about what you’re doing. That inner drive may no longer be directed towards what you’re doing externally, but it is still pulling & pushing you towards something else.

For me, the key is to slow down and pay attention to what my insides are telling me. I spent years ignoring my insides in an attempt to succeed in areas that no longer fit who I was or what I wanted because it was the “thing to do” in society or business.

Now I listen to my insides. Do you know what your insides are telling you to do? Are you going to follow your insides and live more abundantly?

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