Revisiting Your Past to Identify Your Future

When you were a child, you probably thought about what it would be like to be a grown-up. You may have wanted to be just like Dad or just like Mom, and those ideas definitely influenced the decisions you made.

When I was a child, I thought about being married, having children, and writing for a living. That was probably the order of importance or priority for me as well ~ It was more important to me to be with someone who loved me, a best friend to share my secrets, an adventurous companion than to be a career woman. One of my college friends worried that I’d marry my college sweetheart and never “live in the real world on my own”

Comparing the life of my childhood fantasies to the life I currently enjoy, not much resembles that idealized picture in my head. I remain single, don’t yet have children, and my writing is a supplement to the consulting I thoroughly enjoy doing.

At first glance, it would seem that I have not accomplished what I wanted in this life. But, when I look back and remember the feelings or experiences I wanted to have in this life, I HAVE accomplished a lot!

I always wanted to live a life of adventure and see the world!

High school friends seemed to drift back “home” after college. College friends definitely returned to the states where they grew up. I always felt that there was something more to see or more to do.

I left my first professional position at Purdue University because I wanted to see the world and working there wasn’t going to provide that opportunity. I enjoyed being a management consultant with Ernst & Young because I traveled and lived in other places.

I am still living my life of adventure. I know there are other experiences still waiting for me. With any luck at all, the loved one and the children will still be part of my life. After all, seeing the world through their eyes will be a whole new adventure.

Instead of feeling frustration about who you are or what you’ve done (or not done), evaluate if you truly have felt what you wanted to feel. If you’re ready to feel something else, define it and then get ready to rise because it will be appearing before you know it!

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