What You Wear Matters

In the business world of perceptions, it’s common to hear advice about “dressing for the next level” to advance in your career.

Dressing for success is also prevalent for small and mid-sized businesses. How people perceive you and your abilities is important. Some people evaluate a business owner/executive based on material possessions – car, clothes, jewelry, and even shoes.

Most people pay little attention to how they feel wearing their clothes and driving their cars. What they don’t realize is that your internal emotions propel your external actions. When you feel great about what you’re wearing or driving, you carry yourself with more confidence. You are able to imagine more and rise above your current performance level.

For example, I bought a pair of Tiffany earrings while I was in Vegas. Originally, I wanted to pamper myself with a Vegas souvenir. What I experienced is that the earrings stirred up a lot of emotions ~ I was thrilled to have them because they match a very special bracelet. I also berated myself because it was a shameless display of materialism to spend that much money on a pair of earrings. And, quite frankly, I’d love to have Mr. Fabulous buy jewelry for me. After sorting through my emotions, I knew those earrings symbolized my success in many areas.

This morning I dressed for internal success ~ I am wearing my new earrings with an outfit that makes me feel fabulous, abundant, prosperous, etc.

This morning I felt more confident in my business ideas. As I’m planning some future services and programs, I am filled with excitement about the possibilities. My reaction today has been why not? let’s try it! instead of I need to give this some thought and consider the ramifications & consequences first.

Today’s choice: Identify what clothes or material possessions make you feel fabulous, abundant, and prosperous. After using those possessions for one day, evaluate how you feel, what decisions you made, and what results you experienced. Eliminate anything that makes you feel less than fabulous, abundant, and prosperous. If it doesn’t make you feel great, you don’t need it in your house or office.

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