Crystal Clear Clarity

Earlier this week I wrote about building a relationship by including the other person in your response to “what do you do?”

Every time you answer this question you also learn more about who you are and what is happening inside your business.

If you’re feeling crystal clear about your ideal client, it’s easy to answer the question. You know exactly who you enjoy serving and how you help your clients.

If you’re changing your services or re-positioning your product, it may not be so easy to answer the question. You may stumble a bit, and that’s okay.

When you answer the question, pay attention to how you’re feeling and what thoughts you have. Your reactions are just as important as the reactions from the person with whom you’re talking.

If you don’t feel good about what you said, it’s time for some reflection. Feeling “aligned” in terms of who you are and what you’re offering is crucial to attracting your perfect clients.

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