What does “easy” mean?

This morning I was on a call with my business coach, and she turned my head inside out. She has a tendency to do that – it’s always good for me to view life from a different perspective

I was telling her that I haven’t been pushing myself. Most “gurus” say you have to step outside your comfort zone to grow. Variations of this belief include feel fear and do it anyway, fake it till you make it, stretch yourself, expand your box, etc.

She asked me to consider that it might be easy. What if it was easy? What if life was designed to feel good and be easy?

As I started applying this idea to relationships, an obvious thought occurred to me. People choose relationships that are easy. We want to be with people when we’re comfortable with them, it’s fun & easy to talk with them, etc. We only stay in relationships that aren’t easy out of some sort of obligation.

What if we stopped struggling so much? What if we started doing more based on how we feel? What if it is easy?

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