Paralyzing moment with my laptop

Today while I was working on a spreadsheet, my computer screen suddenly went black. No power, no lights, nothing. It was as if I had an expensive black paperweight sitting on my desk.

While trying not to panic, I look around & see no light on the power source. I took out the battery & put it back in. No response.

I called Tech Support (aka my brother and several friends who are technically savvy). While I’m on the phone, I decide to try the extra power supply I have.

Presto! Computer comes to life.

Now some people would evaluate this experience in terms of business – data back-up, disaster recovery, etc.

I thought about this experience in terms of my relationship/emotional energy level. When you get fried, you have to re-charge yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What do you do to “come back to life”? Do you have an “alternate power supply” in terms of people or maybe activities that nourish your soul?

I’m taking the rest of the afternoon to nourish my heart and pamper my body. I suggest you schedule time to do the same.

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