“Leave my bubble alone!”

This morning I was talking with someone I met at the Hawaii seminar. We were chatting about our “real lives” since the seminar. The seminar was focused on how to realize your heart’s dreams by removing your core limiting beliefs. It was exciting, energizing, and (sometimes) emotionally draining.

What became clear from our conversation is that we’re thinking and reacting differently now. We’ve had a few bumps, and it isn’t so much what we learned. It isn’t about the techniques or the exercises. It’s about how we feel and what we’re doing. And, it’s about acceptance from the people who share our lives with us.

At one point, I said that it’s similar to being in a bubble. If you could imagine that you’re inside a bubble, you like how you’re feeling and what you’re doing. You feel safe & secure inside the bubble, and you know you’re on the right path to achieving success.

Then someone comes along…. That someone could be your partner, friend, colleague, anyone really. When they try to poke a hole in your bubble to “bring you back to reality” (even if they have good intentions), you just want to yell, “leave my bubble alone! I’m feeling positive, uplifted, and energized! I’m going places & doing things!”

Here’s to whatever you’re doing today to take care of yourself. Here’s to you for being bold enough to step forward in pursuit of your passions. Here’s to you for staying inside your bubble of dreams, happiness, and success.

And here’s to all the people who support you in your desire to succeed!

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