Wow! I am an inBubbleWrap winner!

Sometimes life gets hectic, and you just can’t seem to get done what you want to get done. That’s what happened towards the end of my work week. Since I didn’t post earlier this week, I’m visiting my office on a Saturday just to let you know about something FUN that happened to me.

See, there is a magical little contest every day, and I participate almost every day in this delightful, fun activity! Visit to check out today’s offer. Better yet, join us! We’re fun!

I love to read! I especially love to read books about relationships and business. This fun daily contest tells me about great books, and I love that! Most of the time I’m visiting 800-CEO-Read the next day to buy the book (like the Idea Book or Seth Godin’s Free Prize Inside) because I wasn’t a lucky winner.

So, when Wednesday’s book was posted, I was almost as excited as the day inBubbleGuy posted Maxine Clark’s book about Build-A-Bear (more on that another day, but let me just say I used to go to the original Build-A-Bear in St. Louis when it was a one-store phenomenon. Maxine is an amazing lady & it’s fun to hear her talk about being Chief Bear)

The book is titled Vital Friends, and I knew as soon as I read the blurb on it! “OH, I REALLY WANT THIS ONE!” was what I kept thinking as I typed my answers to the silly questions that iBG (inBubbleGuy) asks.

Thursday the MAGIC EMAIL ARRIVED! I won!

Thanks, inBubbleGuy! You’re a great online friend….

Now I just have to wait for the bubblewrapped book to arrive….

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