Where do you find balance?

Today several people were talking about how Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Since I like to think of Tuesday as Terrific Tuesday, it was fun to hear something positive (see comments under inBubbleWrap’s offer).

Other people say that the day they leave before a vacation or a holiday is a day of high productivity. That pretty much describes my day for today. I am hopping on a plane tomorrow to visit a dear friend (I really consider her to be the sister my parents didn’t provide) and her children. Actually, I will meet her son for the first time as he was born in December and we haven’t visited yet this year.

As I am participating in today’s meetings and preparing transition activities, I am anticipating how much fun it will be to relax and just be for a few days. When I visit my sister, we don’t visit the tourist spots or rush around. We play with her children. We chat, chat, chat (thank God her husband is at a conference because I’m sure he would get tired of our chatter after a day).

I know I will return from my trip feeling refreshed and in balance. It may be hectic to travel, but it will be good for my soul.

How balanced are you feeling these days? And, what do you do to find your balance?

Looking forward to your comments….

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