What direction is your compass pointing?

This morning I was talking with someone about following your heart in business. Too many times I think and analyze myself into a corner. I’ve heard from others with similar analysis paralysis. We convince ourselves that we have to do XYZ a certain way and that’s the only way to succeed. Or, sometimes we think there’s only one path that leads to our ideal lifestyle.

Reality is that there are many paths in life. We remind ourselves about the Road Not Taken and wonder “what if…” when it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is what direction your heart tells you to follow. My heart is set on fun, care, and inspiration. My desire is for everything I do to involve having fun, caring for myself & others, and inspiring myself & others. Everything…. every activity of every day….

When I’m having fun, caring for myself & others, and inspiring myself & others… Life is GOOD! Lately, it feels like my compass has been pointed towards insecurity, lack, fear, anxiety.

When you’re in the middle of a hike or in the deep forest, you pull out your trusted compass and look for North. After your compass confirms that you’re headed North, you continue your journey.

So, I’ve reset my compass for FUN, CARE, and INSPIRATION.

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