Life is too short to live away from loved ones

Spending a week with my sister and her children made it clear that I have some changes to make in my life. I have been talking about a lot of ideas, activities, and desires for a long time. What I need to do now is to take more consistent action to bring these ideas and desires to life!

For example, I have talked for two years now that I want to live part of the year in Phoenix and part of the year in the Midwest. Truly, the summers in Phoenix are awful. When it gets to be fall (Sept & Oct), I get SO homesick for the Midwest. I miss sweatshirt weather and tailgating at Purdue football games and crisp fresh air as I breathe deeply & fully.

As I have talked about this desire, I kept thinking I had to buy another place in the Midwest. When I visited my sister last week, it finally dawned on me that I could rent a place.

WOW! (lightbulb!)

Isn’t it interesting? I have other options besides buying another home!

Now, why didn’t that occur to me before now? It seems perfectly logical in hindsight. My only answer is that it wasn’t the “right” time.

Now, it’s time. I’m announcing it here first: next summer I am living away from Phoenix. I’m not sure of the details yet. I just know that I’m open to whatever arrangements will make it possible for me to live near Anna & Lucas. Anna can ride her tricycle (or even a “big girl” bike by next summer) to see me.

Life is too short to live away from the people you love.

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