Who is Your Primary Relationship?

This weekend I saw The Devil Wears Prada movie and left feeling a little disturbed by some of the movie’s “messages” because of the negativity. It’s clear that success in this movie is about trampling on people and behaving in ways that destroy relationships.

Since I focus on the positive, here’s a scene I want you to remember. The cute boyfriend says to his stressed out girflriend, “The person whose calls you take is the person you’re having a relationship with.”


Think about that and let the implications appear…..

Who is important enough to you that you will take their calls regardless of what you’re doing? For some career people, the boss takes precedence over the romantic dinner, the soccer game, or the piano recital. For some small business owners, any customer is more important than their children. After all, you have to have customers to make money to feed the children….

Is that behavior really creating success? Is it sustainable? Or is it exchanging short-term success for long-term pain when your spouse leaves and your children ignore you?

Whose calls do you take?

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