Forums – another way to connect

I am fascinated by the online communities that pop up via the Internet. Recently, I have created two new friendships and multiple new business relationships via the Wonderful Wide-reaching Web.

If you haven’t yet explored the numerous opportunities on the web to network with others, here are two interesting sites to visit:

Ryze is all about business networking. I’ve participated in some fabulous chats with other women business owners with the Women Business Owners networking group. Join us sometime for the Women Business Owners chat

InfoGuru marketing…. Robert Middleton is a marketing genius for helping service professionals get started and succeed! People who purchase his products can be found chatting away at the InfoGuru forum – It’s worth checking out if you want some marketing tips, strategies, or connections with some great people!

When I first visited these sites, I was looking for information. What I have found is a connection that can stimulate ideas, help me with my business and potentially generate business. It’s all about building trust. Building trust takes sincerity and a willingness to express opinions.

When you establish trust, then you continue to communicate with credibility (more on that another day).

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