Think Bigger!

Lately, I have talked with several people who were quite discouraged about their businesses. When I probed a little bit, it became clear that their hearts were not aligned with what they thought they should be doing.

One woman kept saying that she had to keep things small and manageable so she could be in control of her life. Another person was sure that she had to price her products lower than what she wanted because she assumed a lower price would bring her sales.

If you aren’t feeling fabulous about what you’re currently doing, stop doing it. Re-think it and go BIGGER until it feels FABULOUS! Focus on what you really, really want. You can only create success from positive emotions.

JuLea Escue from writes via email: “This is great! This is exactly what I have been doing the last few weeks. At first, I was thinking way too small. When I started thinking bigger, ideas started flowing. I think you are exactly right. Thanks!!”

When another businesswoman started talking about what she REALLY wanted, she began to soar. Putting her efforts into what she really wanted turned her business and her life towards success!

If you are thinking BIGGER, what would you have in your business and your life?

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