When Paul Newman died, I read this story from the last interview Barbara Walters had with him in fall 2007.

Just had to share it because I’m known for telling people how old I feel, not how old I am chronologically. I used to swap ages with my brother, and then he got older than I wanted to be.

Enjoy your day! I am!

Late in the interview, when Walters asked Newman for his thoughts on longevity and mortality, he related a story about his mother.

“My mother on her death bed said, ‘Paul, you have to excuse me, I’ve been lying all these years, I’m not 83, I’m 87.'” Newman told Walters. “And when we took her back to Cleveland, to be buried next to my father, her sister was there.

“And I said, ‘You know, mother said that she had been lying all these years, and that she wasn’t 83, that she was 87.’

“And her sister said, ‘Baloney, she was 93.”

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