Where’s Your Shingle?

This weekend I started reading Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. Here’s a powerful quote that just popped off the page and burned a hole into my brain:

“You can’t hide behind the shingle that you’ve hung over your door and you can’t water yourself down in any way, shape, or form. If you do, you won’t be of interest to the people you’re meant to serve.” (page 33)

My friend & colleague Leah has stepped out from under her shingle with a new book, Unlocking the Confidence Code. Another friend & colleague Heather is stepping out every time she starts a teleclass this week.

My big “aha” was that Michael says “meant to serve” ~ meant to serve!

Meant to serve doesn’t mean “oh, that’s nice, Leah might be able to help me get a new job.” Michael means “omg, Heather is going to turn my life upside down and that is awesome!!”

Ok…. I will get off my soapbox now.

It’s my turn to be bold and step out from under my shingle.

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