“Customer Service is back in Shipping” Really?

It is always interesting to me when large companies forget some basics like customer service. They build their brands on slick marketing campaigns like “Use Brown!” or “When it absolutely-positively…you know the rest”

You might actually believe they want to deliver your package as quickly as possible. After all, why would they have an interest in holding Aunt Hannah’s fruitcake?

Recently, I ordered some new office materials (fabulous new business cards, note pads, personalized return address labels). The delivery service received my shipment in the local facility and held it for three days until the “guaranteed date of delivery”

Tell me how this makes sense to the customer….. They have my package and it is sitting in their facility taking up space. When I called to ask why the package just sat in their facility, I was told that it wasn’t the guaranteed date of delivery. uh-huh… ok…. and your point is?

I suggested that they might want to evaluate their processes because their competitor takes a different approach altogether. FedEx has had its ups and downs in regards to delivery reliability, but they truly do focus on their customers. My brother sends packages to me via FedEx 2 day service. If possible, FedEx delivers it in 1 day.

Wow! Doesn’t that make sense? Deliver the package as soon as possible & imagine how thrilled I am to receive a package sooner than expected.

How many people heard about how great I think FedEx is?

And how many people will hear about how DHL needs to adjust their processes to prove that Customer Service is back in Shipping?

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