Think Bigger – Part 2

After yesterday’s post on thinking BIG, I exchanged emails with several people. One person even said thinking small is stressful!

It is a painful truth in our society in the United States. Children are taught not to be creative (aka do not think big, do not color outside the lines, and never step outside the box). Students are forced to learn by rote, by memory. Workers are encouraged to focus only on their part of the process (don’t look at the whole, just keep your head down and do what you’re supposed to do).

I am so grateful that some people DO think big! We honor our inventors like Thomas Edison and our scientists like Madame Curie. They are our big thinkers, and yet, they were ordinary people just like you. If they can think bigger and make a difference, then we all have the opportunity to make a difference.

You have the ability to think bigger!

For today, I would like to honor people who step outside and look into the bright, beautiful skies and yell at the Universe, “give me more!” Thinking big brings you joy and abundance.

How can you think BIGGER today?

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